Traceability is knowing the supply chain, from mine to market, to ensure all materials are sourced ethically.  All GIRLEEWOO materials are bought, made and sold in Australia and there is no outsourcing to other countries.  This means we can control our processes; Ethical and health and safety standards are to Australian expectactions.  We feel it is also important to the economy to support jobs in Australia.


Our metal is sourced from divisions of Australian company Pallion.  They are one of Australasia’s largest recyclers of precious metals.  They have a commitment to the environment, human rights and international law.  Their sourcing of metal does not cause, support nor benefit unlawful conflict.

You can read about their commitment here:


We have several suppliers of gemstones, pearls and beads, each an established Australian company.

Our main source is registered with the JAA and the GAA and has over 60 years experience in the Australian market.


More than 90% of our tools and supplies are sourced in Australia and we make an effort to support the local industry, sometimes paying extra to do so.  There are some speciality tools that we buy from the US. 


Services such as the build and maintenance of our website and our utilities are Australian companies.